The "Rules and Regs":
1. All competitors, instructors, crew and guests must sign the waiver. You must be 18 years old, or 16** with a parent or legal guardian present, and have a valid drivers license from your state of residence. All children MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
2. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be tolerated. This applies to competitors, crew, and guests anywhere on site. Violators will be disqualified without refund. And don't jack around with "n/a" beers, please. We are not police.
3. SNELL 2005 approved helmets required. No donor helmets will be available.
4. No refunds after tech inspection. Late entries may not be allowed to make up missed timed runs. All protests mut be filed by the end of the second run.
5. Mufflers are not necessarily required, but no annoyingly loud cars permitted. (If your rotary is brappin' through a straight pipe, this means you.) Speed limit on site (off the track) is 10 MPH.
6. Competitors are responsible for their crew and guests. Do not litter or dump fluids.
7. SCCA Solo II rules and classes will apply. 3-car minimum to form a trophy class. All classes with less than 3 cars are combined and run on SCCA PAX/RTP Index. Trophies awarded to approximately the top 1/3 of each class. It is highly recommended that you know what class your car is in before registration (SCCA classifications are used).
8. Running numbers will be assigned at registration. If you use magnetic or adhesive numbers, bring a variety.
9. Your car must be in safe running condition, and have working seat belts. You are completely responsible for the safe condition of your car. All tires must have visible tread over the full diameter. Street tires must be run at OEM recommended pressures or higher. You will not be allowed to compete on bent or damaged rims. Batteries must be firmly secured with the positive post insulated. 
10. Clean all loose junk out of your car before you compete; including floor mats, things hanging from the mirror, etc...
11. Pay attention to the starter and course workers. If anything looks unsafe on course, STOP! You'll get a re-run.
12. This event will be run rain or shine, albeit more slowly if the former.
13. You are expected to help work the course during the event, If you do not work the event you must bring/ find a replacement (unless the event chair has stated otherwise).
14. Reckless behavior will automatically disqualify you from the event. You and your crew will be asked to leave.  

**Special requirements for these participants include the following.
1.) Must be a current SCSCC club member.

2.) Must have parent present at time of registration and at
the start of each run (In Grid or at Start) .
3.) Must be accompanied by an instructor until skill levels
are approved and signed off.
4.) Car/Driver must be clearly identified as novice ("X" or
other identifier provided by SCSCC).

Salt Creek Youth Go-Kart Rules
Rules & Guidelines for the 2008 Tria
l Go-Kart Season
1. Parent and or legal guardian must have at least 1 year prior and hold current Salt Creek membership and also have participation in Autocross Solo events.
2. Parent and or legal guardian must be present with child and remain with child for the entirety of the event.
2A. Parent and or legal guardian must be present at T&S while youth is running on course.
3. Limit to only 5 youth entrants per event.
4. Announcement will be made that no cars are allowed to move in grid for the period during the go kart class.
5. Due to the limit of entrants, paddock for the Go-Karts will be located next to T&S and go directly to the start line without ever driving through grid lanes.
6. All SCCA Kart Rules apply.

All other club rules apply, including showing proof of valid drivers license, passing technical inspection, completing worker assignments, etc.